[AR]t Meets Education -
Development of a mobile AR application for printed photographs
Art Meets Education (AME) is a German charitable NGO that supports
Filipino children in low-income neighborhoods to enable them to attend
school. To this end, AME markets high-quality prints: Creative pictures taken
during photography workshops by underprivileged children from five
to nine years old. Each of these printed photographs tells a unique and
very personal story. But there are barriers, because these personal stories
and information about the little artists are not transported by the photos
alone. This led to the question: how can we leave the analog medium
untouched while adding more information to it? For the present work, a
mobile augmented reality app was developed that interactively arranges
artist´s profiles and other digital information next to the respective photo,
thus creating a clear added value for supporters and donors of AME.
Design Process
Printed Book

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